Coping with Addiction

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Wendi Matthews
Wendi Matthews

Wendi Matthews is currently an addiction counselor in western Pennsylvania that has worked with hundreds of patients throughout the area and the entire state. Wendi specializes in counseling patients that utilize M.A.T (Medication assisted treatment). Wendi has 10 years of experience in the field of addiction counseling and also has multiple hours of training for other areas such as PTSD, confidentiality & other co-occurring disorders.

Recovering from addiction and getting sober is the first step in a fulfilling life free of drugs and alcohol. Maintaining sobriety, however, is the next step. Developing proper coping skills for addiction is the key to getting back to living life and avoiding relapse. Developing these skills will help you or your loved one live a satisfying sober life. This course will go over ways to accomplish that.

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